About Company

Gracedition was founded in 2016, based on the fascination for fashion and new exclusive trends.

Thus, the founders Graça Rodrigues and Mónica dos Santos launched the first Gracedition collection in June 2016, inspired by an urban and modern lifestyle.
Since its foundation, Gracedition has always had a single product line:
Women - Clothing, Accessories and Shoes.

Every season we always look forward to create collections that motivate ourselves and also that give us what we desire to offer to the Gracedition Woman.

We guarantee current pieces that match with the identity of our brand. Above all, we want exclusivity.

The Gracedition Woman is a woman who follows the trends of international fashion, but always in an original way.

The great concept of the brand is "be trendy originally". This concept defines us 100% and has always been present in all collections presented so far, as well as those yet to come.
Our mission is to make every woman more confident, modern and naturally communicate their state of mind.
Our vision is to be a brand that accompanies the daily life of women at different stages of their life, as well as being present in every moment.

You Are Your Own Edition.